Managed Cloud

Realizing The Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure — CompuPro Services produces Utilicy® hosted applications and server services.  Removing self-owned and operated servers lets our customers focus on their core business.  Utilicy® is your server application delivered just like a utility company brings water, electricity or phone service...
                                                                                   It just works.

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CompuPro Services, Inc.


CompuPro Services, Inc. has been a business oriented, broadly focused PC consultancy and VAR since 1991. Reorganized in 2010 to focus on its Utilicy® brand of managed Cloud Servers, we move server functions to the cloud for small business units and some non-profit groups.

+Moving Forward with Client Requirements — CompuPro's relationship with clients has been long lasting, matching our vision and follow through with client needs. We succeed in finding ongoing benefits while resolving immediate needs:

  • Growing Capacity
  • Quickening Performance
  • Reducing Downtime
  • Business Disaster & Continuity Facilities
  • Avoiding Capital Expenses
  • Bolstering Security
  • Attaining Compliance
  • Expediting failing server replacement

+Deploying Cloud Infrastructure — Meeting and managing IT requirements with the full spectrum of Amazon Web Services solutions requires best practices be applied. Our team's 20+ years IT experience, our current knowledge base, and our own .NET developed tools for AWS deploy your server with:

  • Connection; Dependable, Secure, and Affordable (custom OpenVPN)
  • Monitoring Console with Alarms, Alerts and Statistics
  • Resiliency of systems without a state of failure
  • Configuration dynamic to demand
  • Backup of Data and Run environment. Out of region and off-site
  • Vendor Independence

+Realizing The Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure — Removing owned servers lets customers focus on their core business. CompuPro Services, Inc. with Utilicy® cloud servers in AWS are designed to utilize the vast resources of Amazon Web Services.

+Developing Services — CompuPro Services, Inc. is also a software development house with the following areas of expertise: .NET C# and Visual Basic, MS-SQL and FoxPro. We support .com startups and other developers using the Amazon API and best practices.